The Fight to Legalize Marijuana

Regardless of what side of the issue you might take, the effort to legalize marijuana has taken on massive proportions in the United States. With many states legalizing marijuana or turning a blind eye, it is clear to see that marijuana is here to stay. Considering that marijuana was once legal and only in the 20s did the government started to clamp down on it, it is only natural for all manner of theories as to the legality and affect of marijuana to abound.

Many individuals will claim that marijuana is only illegal because the government makes so much money fighting it. The war on drugs has brought in a vast amount of money for the United States government and has allowed the United States to secure a foothold in many countries around the world, not the least of which is Columbia. With such a stranglehold on so many Latin American countries and other nations around the world, it is clear to see that the United States has certainly used the leverage that the war on drugs has given them to spread their influence around the world.

Fight to Legalize Marijuana

While these are mostly only theories, is certainly clear that the United States government has had much to gain from the war on drugs over the years. With recent changes in administration, it seems clear that the federal government might very well be on track to legalize marijuana. The driving force behind this effort seems to be a crumbling economy that is desperate for revitalization.

The current administration feels that it is possible and even probable that legalizing marijuana and taxing it can provide the money that is required to stimulate the economy and get the United States back on its feet financially. While this is certainly an admirable goal it also stands to reason that a great many individuals are simply tired of having to hide their habit when it is considered virtually harmless.

The amount of marijuana smokers in the United States is overwhelming, with users of all walks of life enjoying the marijuana plant in all its various incarnations since the beginning of the last century and earlier. With so much pressure to legalize marijuana, it seems that it is only a matter of time before various forces manage to ramrod legislation through the Senate and the Congress in order to finally legalize the product that so many individuals use on a regular basis anyway

Ethics aside, it seems clear that legalizing, producing and taxing marijuana would provide the boost that the United States and the world needs to straighten out the economy as well as reduce the amount of pressure on users who are terrified of prison time for their minor infraction. To