teacher smokes marijuana

Teacher Sacked for Smoking Marijuana with Students

According to the Associated Press, a Goleta Valley Junior High School teacher has been arrested and is now facing charges for what many parents and fellow teachers are calling a horrible crime.
The 31-year-old teacher, Melissa Dunning, who worked at the California junior high school, is being accused of smoking marijuana with two of her own students on three separate occasions. One of the occasions was at her own home in Goleta.

On Wednesday Dunning was charged with two total counts. One was for contributing to the delinquency of a minor and the other for furnishing marijuana, said the Associated Press.

Dunning was caught by the parents of one of the 14-year-old students she tutored at her home. The parents of the child told the local sheriff deputies back on May 31st. They felt certain as though their 14-year-old son and Dunning had been smoking marijuana at her home during his after school tutoring lessons.

teacher smokes weed with students

Right now Dunning has not commented to the press. However, investigators have told the press that she smoked pot with the 14-year-old boy on three occasions. Another of Dunning’s students of around the same age was involved during one of the pot smoking sessions.

Melissa Dunning is set to be arraigned on July 3rd, 2017. Currently, investigators have not commented on what the penalty will most likely be for Dunning. However, Dunning may find herself behind bars for her crime. She also may never teach again, especially not within the district.

Also, none of the students Dunning smoked marijuana with have been charged with any crime. Investigators are looking to the children to help pursue charges against Dunning.