synthetic marijuana

Synthetic Marijuana – a Safe Alternative?

If you have stumbled across this article, it is most likely because you have either done, or heard of the latest craze in inebriating substances. “Spice”, as it is called, or the well known brand K2, has become an extremely popular, synthetic form of marijuana.

So, what is “spice” exactly? “Spice” is marketed legally as a natural incense “not for human consumption”. K2, one of the leading manufacturers of the product, on its website, states that their product is composed of natural herbs including “canavalia rosea, clematis nuciferia, heima salicfolia, and ledum palustre.” Let me state, I am not a specialist in herbs, and am not against staying away from the consumption of products that I cannot pronounce. In addition to these natural herbs, it is commonly known that these products contain the synthetic cannabanoid JWH-018.

What effects do these “spice” products have? I personally know several people who have tried these synthetic marijuana products. This is actually what has prompted me to gain interest in the products, and write this article. Through these second hand experiences, I have found the effects are very similar to that of marijuana. Just like the illegal drug, “spice” is consumed by smoking it. Being very rebellious growing up, I am very familiar with the effects of marijuana.


From what I have been able to conclude, the only difference in effects is that “spice” gives more of a “head high” instead of the “body high” felt when smoking marijuana. Beyond feeling the “high” effect, there have been numerous reports to poison control centers and emergency rooms throughout the country for ill effects. From my understanding, this is due to the products being ingested in large quantities (ie, more than 1/2 gram).

In short, I would be very cautious of consuming any of these “spice” products. There is a reason these products are not able to be sold as a consumable substances. Just as well, there is a reason many states have begun to outlaw these incenses. I have never known of anyone getting admitted to a hospital for consuming too much marijuana, yet time and time again, you hear of emergency room trips due to the consumption of “spice”.

By most standards, I would be considered a political conservative, yet we could avoid the danger posed by these types of products if the legalization of marijuana is considered. Having been there, done that, I do not support individuals consuming any inebriating substances, but for fear of what the next “legal fix” may be, we really should consider marijuana legalization if it means the end of all these artificial products.