How to pass a drug test | Hair | Urine | Blood| Saliva


As you probably know there are 4 different kind of drug test what are usually used,these are : urine,blood, saliva and the most difficult to pass the hair follicle drug test.

Lets star with the hair drug test:

How to pass a hair follicle drug test? With Detox shampoos!

The safest way to pass a hair follicle drug test is t use the Macujo method, I am not going to go ito details but you will Need Nexxs Aloe Rid detox shampoo (old formula), Zydot Ulta clean shampoo, white vinegar, any shampoo with salycid acid and Tide detergent. Read This  great review of the Macujo method and Nexxus Aloe Rid shampoo.

Its really important to read more about hair drug testing, because THC and other drug metabolites can stay in your hair for up to 90 days thats why its the hardest drug test to pass. Check out what other people did, how they passed their hair follicle drug test. Read at least 10-20 articles, comments and then decide what to choose. I used Nexxus Aloe Rid detox shampoo and Zydot Ultra clean and passed my hair test with flying color just after 4 days!

Aloe Rid detox shampoo

How to pass a urine drug test

In my opinin the best and easiest ways are using synthetic urine or high quality detox drinks for drug test, thre are many different methods, differen opinions. Some guys think its enough to drink lots of water before the test and you will be clean, I highy doubt that, but check out these youtube comments:

„Okey girl I just passed my drug test by drinking certified the day before, drinking vinegar water with yellow root in It drown your body in water not literally but literally drink hella water all day. Because if you not pissing you not getting clean.

The next day after you do all that make sure you drink certificate again right before your drug test 3 hours before. I swear It work make sure you get you some yellow root that clear your system in 24 hours you can make the yellow root in some tea drop 5 drops in.”

„This dude is a lie. You can clean yourself in 24 hours and here’s how. I smoke all the way up till the day before I go take my test.

All day I drink water and vinegar and cranberry juice. 2 hours before you go test drink a detox and drink a surejell . After that flush with water and pee 3 times. You will be clean in 24 hours.”

detox drinks for drug test

How to pass a swab test

Check this comment from youtube, its gold. This guy failed his drug test because he just washed his teeth and couple of times and didn’t use Oral clear saliva neutralizin gum:

If it’s flashed around on the internet, then chances are that it won’t work. Save yourself some money and your possibility of landing the job too.

This was a completely true statement, but I’m curious how you went on to testify for Toxin Rid?  I just failed my lab test and lost the opportunity at a great job after completing Toxin Rid’s 10 day detox program..  Followed all instructions perfectly, ate foods with little to no fat, drank gallons and gallons of water, exercised mildly and sat in a sauna twice..  I’m 6’2″ 205lbs..  I wanted it to work I truly did.. Hoped to have the chance to brag that I had finally found the real deal out there, but I didn’t..

Always use detox gums or mouth wash before the test. Its easy to pass but as you can see, THC still can be detected after one week in your saliva.

Blood drug test

Its also easy to pass a blood drug test because it doesn’t stay in your blood stream too long, you still can use detox drinks or if you want to get 100% clean, then take a Toxin Rid 5 days detox program, it will clean your system completely, you will pass your test guaranteed. Because its easy to pass, not too many agency/company do blood drug testing these days.




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